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Sunday, 25 September 2005

long overdue
Current mood: tired

  Well, it's been long overdue that I update the 'ole journal. A lot has happened in the time since I've last said anything on here. Guess I'll just brush up on some of the hilights, just to get it out there.


Abbreviated Entry 157: long overdue
Posted: Sunday, 25 Sep 2005 @ 03:34 ET [Full Entry]

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

One year up and counting
Current music: Groove Salad

   Well, I finally have a box with more than one years worth of uptime! Of course it took OpenBSD to let it happen. The best part is that it is an old 486-class laptop computer with the screen lobbed off, acting as my main firewall. So, it is an outclassed, old, headless laptop with more than a year's worth of running uptime.

I could go on and on, as it beats being otherwise busy at work, but I won't. I just felt a little giddy about this milestone. heh...

11:21PM up 365 days, 6:36, 1 user, load averages: 0.07, 0.08, 0.08
kelly p0 tempest.lan 11:21PM 0 w

Entry 155: One year up and counting
Posted: Tuesday, 01 Jun 2004 @ 23:50 ET [Link] [2 comments]

Thursday, 29 April 2004

Shomi's Kids

   After having driven into work, and seing a lot of police activity, it is only fitting we end the day at work the way we did.

Anyway - rewind a little. It turns out that some people at work decided to get a few Rubik's Cubes. Cute. Also, I saw a miniature version of Hungry Hungry Hippo, and some old electronic game. Well, Shaun and I were not to be undersold. So, we ended up getting a couple of mini (1:43 scale) RC cars. Also, a old Connect Four game. heh.. Anyway, that turned out to be the start of a new office fad. Anyway, one of the remote cars got placed next to a few figurines, and someone broke out their camera phone. Well, I broke out my digital camera, and hilarity ensues. Below are some of the shots, and a link to the album.


Entry 153: Shomi's Kids
Posted: Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 @ 02:10 ET [Link] [2 comments]

Friday, 9 April 2004

One Strange Dream

   I should have written this out earlier, but here goes.

The other night, I had a very strange, but interesting and detailed dream. It really wasn't about anything, but rather the surroundings and setting that was most intriguing. Normally, I remember my dreams, but they fade quickly, but this one stuck pretty well. So, still having no idea what it was really about, here are the things I remember from it:

The setting is in some sort of office building. I do not work there, rather I am some sort of customer for someone inside. Before entering, I take note of the surrounding area and relative sizes of the buildings. (Note that in dreams, this is the sort of thing that gets twisted and mangled the most - perceptions of reality and relative differences). So, I take note that there is a shorter building right next to this one, and a taller one not much further away. Once inside, I take the elevator to the 16th floor. Inside, I am talking to someone, don't know who, but the setup is like a tax advisor or something of the sort. I feel an acceleration upwards while I am talking to the man. I look out the window, and see the building next to me moving down. After a bit, I see its roof. The acceleration increases. I notice that we pass some sort of rafters, thinking that the whole building is some sort of large elevator. Then, there is a huge burst of acceleration, and I see the roof of the taller building. This is where I just stop talking and stare out of the window in awe. The man seems relatively unphased, and understanding to my predicament.

After a little time passes, the upward movement stops, and we start moving downward again, into freefall. This is when the sinking feeling sets in. After I start seeing the rafters again, knowing we are in the building shell once more, the movement slows quickly to a stop.

Somehow later, I realize that the entire building is some sort of artwork, or more like an engineering showpiece where the entire building core shoots upwards into the sky, and falls back into place perfectly while tenants inside go about their business. Inside are only higher-level tenants with positions of master or better (yea, whatever that means - dreams are weird).

Back into the elevator, my curiosity is peaked. There are only buttons for levels 14-19. I suppose that 1-13 are left blank for the mechanics of the building. Also, above that, there are two more buttons separate from the rest. 23 and 29. They are also labeled, but I did not take note as to what they said. I press 29. Elevator goes up, and when the doors open, gravity is suddenly all out of whack, and I fall towards the front of the elevator. I find my way out, kind of falling out of the door, and find myself in a large clear acrylic tube, letting sunlight in, but distorted enough that you cannot make sense of anything on the other side. It was kind of like looking through an inverted glass of water, while all the while, gravity inside is all out of whack, and you kind of float around inside, and are subject to being pushed around by gravity streams. At the other end, it is capped like the bottom of a glass. After bumping around inside of there for a while, I realize the elevator door is closing. This is really cool and all, but too freaky to let the only means of escape get away. I quickly press the button and the doors open - thankfully it did not go down. Once I crawl inside, the doors close, and gravity is returned to normal. Freaky.

Then, I can't help but press 23 on the way down. It opens up into a little room, about the size of a broom closet, but tall. Inside, there is a terminal embedded in the wall. Yes, quite like a holodeck, but it didn't do much. There was some text and reading on the unit, and I felt kind of let down that it wasn't much after the last experience. But then, I am immersed in audio and visual spectrums that just open up the room into what seems a vast expanse. The sound and visuals are like that which demonstrate how perception can be tweaked into making you believe just about anything. So while it didn't act like a real holodeck, it was an amazing demonstration of engineering perception.

After leaving the building, I remember sticking around to watch it do another one of its launches into the air. Then, I woke up. Perfect timing, and perfect enough that I was in a state where I could remember it so vividly and for so long. It meant nothing, but it was like a day at Disneyland!

Entry 152: One Strange Dream
Posted: Friday, 09 Apr 2004 @ 20:09 ET [Link] [No Comments]

Thursday, 26 February 2004

What a crummy day
Current music: News
Current mood: bla

   Today was a pretty crummy day. My new (trial) contacts were bothering me all day at work. So finally, I had popped out my left contact. It had a tear. Not good. So, I went across the street to the doc to get another one. Besides, I did not think that the lens I had was the right one (he had said that I could have one of two different scripts, so try this one). Well, he was out to lunch. Nice. So I went back to work, where at least I was able to rebuild a server no problems. Then, I had left a little early so I could stop back and get a new lens. He was out of the other script, so I got another of the one that tore. Okay, fine. Feels MUCH better. So, on the way home, the drive is good up until Sunrise Blvd. Total stoppage, just like last night. Ugh, what a pain.

Okay, enough of that. I went to my parents. I was supposed to go there, and then we all go to my place for dinner. But on the way over, my eyes were bothering me bigtime again. I think it was allergies. Felt absolutely miserable. Well, Beth and Mom bailed on me for dinner, so instead, Dad made me some dinner. I spend most of the time there laying on the couch, next to my sister. Was falling asleep too. So, finally I go home. Relax a little, and I got up the energy to write this.

Some points I forgot... This morning, I put my foot in my shoe to discover I had awakened a tenant. It scurried out after I jumped and dropped the shoe. A pushing aside of my recliner, and the delivery of a blow that no roach is immune against. heh.. Nice, eh?

And on the way home from the parents', I turn down Atlantic Blvd, approaching the FEC railroad tracks, just as the gates light up and go down. Great. Train. At least I am in the front, right at the gate. Train comes by, blaring his horn, and making a loud squealing noise. His brakes are engaged. He's slowing down. Wonderful. He comes to a complete stop. That just figures. After a while, a number of emergency vehicles start arriving on the other side, up the perpendicular street. He must have hit something or someone. That means the train is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, I finally start the engine, and jump the median for a u-turn. I was not the first to approach it, but I was the first to actually attempt it. I am not too sure if the Mustang that tried after me made it or not. Found a detour, drove past the "scene" and saw nothing more than a lot of people standing around. Prolly hit someone. And this is right around where the derailment happened a few years ago. Not a good area for the trains that is. heh.. At least I was able to get out of there pretty quick. bla.

Entry 151: What a crummy day
Posted: Thursday, 26 Feb 2004 @ 23:31 ET [Link] [1 Comment]

Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Talk about UGH

   What a nasty day out. Rain rain rain. It took me about two hours to get home. The Turnpike was no-go from the stadium to Hollywood/Pines. Craziness. And the people passing in the median... heh... After a while, I would stick out into the median making it difficult for them to pass. Made me feel better at least. Too bad there wasn't a ledge for them to fall off of.

I got a new pair of contact lenses yesterday. I looked up doctors in my vision plan's book, and saw the doctor that operates in the Costco across the street. So, I decided to go there at lunch. Did the eye exam thing, and found out they don't take my insurance. WTF?! I am due for a followup next Tuesday, and I am bringing my paperwork for confirmation. If so, I am calling the provider to find out why he is listed in their book. This kind of thing just pisses me off. Anyway, the doc said that my left eye could get one script or another, not sure which would be better. I don't like the one I have - I am going to ask to try the other. My left eye is just not right at all. It is better in my glasses, which are old enough as it is. We'll see.

Work craziness continues. I wasn't there for the 9am lynchingproblem report meeting. Yea, I had a yellow ticket the day before. I forgot about it. It was stupid. It should never have been yellow in the first place. It took me longer to get into the system and resolve the ticket than solve the problem. Whatever. They want me there and available at 9am for whatever reasons - sure fine. I'll just have to think about not being there and available at 1:30am when the phone rings again (my cell phone no less - and I HATE it when I get called on my cell when I am home, especially since I prefer people calling my home number which will transfer to the cell when I am not there). I mean one or the other people - I am NOT a manager! At any rate, my co-worker's last day is Friday and I need to get the brain dump on his projects. I better write this stuff down.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try the dinner with the parents thing again. They never came last night. My Dad got called into work. Instead, I BBQ'd up a burger, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. A few hours later, I snatched my laptop back up, which still had juice, and went up to the bedroom, plugged it in, started some music. Then, the TV went on for about an hour of mind-numbing, then I went back to sleep. Still, I managed to wake up late this morning and be tired all day. But at least I got another referral sent for a sleep specialist (I lost the last one). So, it's off to work early tomorrow. I want to be there early, so I can cut out a bit early as well. After a little pit stop, I'm going to stop at the 'rents to help paint the last bit of the house (weather permitting), and head back to my place for dinner. I also invited Nana and my Sister (and Brother-in-law). It should be fun, and Dad and I are going to look into a plan of action to install the dish. I'd rather do it myself than hire an installer! heh..

Entry 150: Talk about UGH
Posted: Wednesday, 25 Feb 2004 @ 22:49 ET [Link] [No Comments]

Tuesday, 24 February 2004

A fork in the fence
Current music: TV: Witch Hunter Robin

   Things at work are going kind of strange. My coworker has given his notice, and that seems to have finally struck a nerve with management as far as people jumping ship. I dunno.

Anyway, this weekend, I finally went and got something I've been wanting to get for quite some time. A nice digital camera. So some images are finally going to find their way into this multimedia journal. In fact, I'm going to start it out by posting something I see every day on my way to work. A fork in the fence, and a scene used in the filming of America's Most Wanted. Makes the walk to the car kind of... interesting.

At any rate, I am getting tired. Went to Dad's after work today, and did not get home until late. I invited the 'rents over for dinner tomorrow night. Nana may join too. Should be fun.


Entry 149: A fork in the fence
Posted: Tuesday, 24 Feb 2004 @ 00:28 ET [Link] [6 comments]